4 July 2011

The Help a Brother Campaign...

What you have found yourself reading here isn’t the usual beg and plead charity advert crying out for you to empty your pockets. This is a situation where the Corolla Internet community and Brotherhood needs to come together and help a brother out!


I attended the latest round of the British Drift Championship to shoot some photos of Marc Huxley’s SR powered KE70 rip around the Teesside circuit. What I found out on the run up to the event was that Marc’s key sponsor had dropped out and it was now due to be his last round of BDC in the little KE. This was obviously an unfortunate situation that happens to probably a lot of drivers trying to compete.
But after watching the whole round from the centre of the circuit shooting photos one thing I noticed that THE biggest cheering from the crowd was for the only Corolla in the competition. Hux’s KE!

Bagging himself the First place qualifying spot in the Semi Pro class two rounds in a row now and of cause taking the win at Teesside autodrome has only made all us media folk more annoyed that Hux can’t attend any further rounds.

SO! I decided to come up with the “Help a Brother” campaign! This has no involvement from Marc directly, this is purely because all of us will agree that the best Drift championship in the UK NEEDS to have an E chassis slaying the high power Nissans! And seeing as the Corolla Brotherhood has quite a cool following, I figured this was the place to make it happen!


This is where you can help...

A good 90% of the Corollas in the UK run 14” wheels right? Well so does Brother Hux.
I imagine, like me you have got an old pile of 14” tyres lying about in your shed that your Wives & Parents keep on asking “When are you ever gonna get rid of them bloody tyres?” Well, here’s an opportunity to get rid of them! Providing they have got usable tread left, DONATE them Brothers!!
Don't worry if you haven't got any tires to spare, you can help out massively if you just spread the word of this campaign! Whether it's by posting the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog well anything! It will all help in spreading the word and hopefully gaining Marc the sponsorship needed to finish the season.

It’s a simple thing that will help a whole lot in making a round of competition that bit more realistic. If you can help in any way drop The Corolla Brotherhood an e-mail and we will be sure to pass on your message. Or don’t want to use e-mail? Drop by the Facebook group and add to the discussions page!


Sponsor help...

Are you a company in the position where you can contribute to the entrance fees? Sponsorship is a much sort after thing for drivers in the BDC, but finding the right car to advertise your company on can be a tough choice. Do you go for the fully body-kitted car that never wins? Or go for a crowd favourite, competitive, well built, round winning car? Surely that answer is common sense!
The Huxley Motorsport KE70 has bags of character and a spec to match and it will get your company noticed so get in touch with him and help the little Toyota slay the run of the mill Nissans and take the Semi Pro Championship!!


Vehicle Spec -
Toyota Corolla KE70
Engine swap to a Nissan SR20DET turbo motor running 240BHP
Full Huxley Motorsport TIG welded roll cage to BDC Specification
Toyota Hilux converted rear axle running custom Moser Mustang Half shafts
Toyota Corolla AE86 Suspension and brake conversion

BDC Season so far -
Qualified 1st at Round Two at the Norfolk arena in the Semi Pro Class with a Top 16 finish in the finals.
Qualified 1st at Round to at Teesside Autodrome resulting in taking the 1st Place spot in the Top 16 finals.
Finishing 1st in the Team event with fellow Drivers James Bull & Martin Richards.
Help a Brother.

The UK’s Drift championships NEED an E Chassis Toyota in them. It’s what the crowd want to see!


DB Automotive have confirmed they will also be helping in anyway to keep Marc & the KE in the BDC. Huge thanks to owner Rich Newton from DB Auto for backing the "Help a Brother" Campaign!

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  1. How was the championship, dude? It looks like you guys had so much fun, and these race cars totally rock! I also hope that your "Help a Brother" campaign will be a success!