8 July 2011

Snapshot - Mis-matched Jigsaw Pieces

Mis-matched jigsaw pieces don't normally fit together. But you never know without trying eh? Well here's a perfect example of how it can work courtesy of NoriYaro. Two pretty used & abused looking Levins sat here with the one on the right sporting what looks like a KE style front lip spoiler on a Kouki Bumper, A little bit different to your usual Kouki bumper, Zenki Lip combo! Check out the rear wheel poke on it as well. Real 90's Rough World Style from both cars.



1 comment:

  1. Sweet
    Thats a combo that works only that way round as the 86 bumper on a KE works not so much.

    Is that an R30 or r31 Skyline next to em?
    They ain't bad for dirty Nissans :)