6 August 2011

86 Day

Yesterday was 86 day and as such it would be rude to not
post up a selection of pictures to celebrate the old rear wheel drive Toyota we all love.

Brother Jay's old UK Coupe in Action (image courtesy of Doristars.com)

Brother Paz's old Trueno in its early format (image courtesy of Doristars.com)

Brother Tony's 4AGTE powered Trueno in Action

Brother Rob's awesome Hill Climb weapon Black Betty

Team Tekno Twinky

Brother Will in the Euro Levin (image courtesy of Doristars.com)

Brother Topi's 2 Door Levin (image courtesy of Racer86)

N2 Line Up

N2 Levin (image courtesy of 7 Tune)

Brother John's (aka Cloko) very tidy Gold UK Spec GT Coupe (image courtesy of AE86irl)

These are just a few of the examples of the many that come to mind when we hear 86 and are the reason why we are so nuts about them, whether they are grip, drift or factory fresh.


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