22 August 2011

Event - Retro Rides Gathering 2011

Old, Classic, Retro.
Whatever you want to call them, Cars from yesteryear evoke certain emotions that most modern cars just can’t seem to grasp hold of. Even modern interpretations of classics like new Mustangs, New beetles & Minis all seem to lack lustre in comparison to their ancestors. What better way to show this theory than to get followers from all walks of retro car life to come together and show what they are made of, that’s right Retro Rides Gathering 2011 was in town and what a truly awesome show it was.


With something to tickle everyone’s taste buds, from Rat Rod’s to Precision Hill Climb machines, high powered early M power BMW’s to pristine hopping low-Riders, Retro Rides ensured there was always something catching your eye.


Brotherhood contributor Chay had decided to organise a Corolla Brotherhood / eight-six.co.uk joint stand to represent our beloved old Toyotas and we had a cool array of our favourite machines drawing a great crowd all day. Chay bought down his own immense Garage Shapple built N2 AE86 Trueno and we were also lucky enough to have the truly unbelievable “Black Betty” (Brother Rob May’s AE86 GT Coupe Hill Climb monster) parked up with a whole host of other great Toyotas from super clean Trueno’s to a Beams powered KE70 & a pure gangster 80’s Celica looking like the AE86’s Steroid induced older brother.


Along with the club stands and fields of “hard parking” was the opportunity to run your own car up the amazing Prescott Hill Climb. There was such a fantastic array of retro cars heading up the hill along with a few of our Corolla Brothers! We spent most of the day sat up on the sun drenched grass hill watching all the cars blasting up the hill climb.


But it has to be said everyone’s ears perked up when they heard the earth destroying intake noise coming from Black Betty’s 4AGE 20v throttle bodies. I overheard Rob saying to someone whilst at the club stand that the Marshall’s had told him it was officially the loudest thing up the hill all day. Now that I can believe!


Brother Chay in the trueno also grabbed a fair bit of attention as he fired his 4age AE86 up the winding Prescott course with the N2 arched corolla looking right at home being blasted through the woods.


A brilliant day out with a super chilled out atmosphere and great company you can’t really go wrong with that recipe I say. Looking forward to 2012’s Gathering already...


More of my photos from the day can be found on my Flickr by clicking the link below...

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  1. Awesome stuff dudes that pic of chays car is amazing so happy to see it being driven hard