23 August 2011

Feature - Durk Edwards and his N2 kitted Trueno GTS

I first came across a photo of Durk's car in a photo thread on Club4ag about a year ago and since then have been trying to find out more about it. As time went on and I became more and more of an internet troll, I finally managed to get in touch with Durk and asked him a few questions about himself and his amazing car.



Durk Edwards




Livermore, California

What was your first memory of AE86's?

Reading and seeing pictures of them racing and rallying in Japan in 1984.


What do you love most about them?

They ARE the ultimate driving machine. Perfect balance with unique and timeless styling.


When did you get your AE86? And your 2nd one?

First purchased my 1985 in 1987. It was used to test GAB Rally shocks and other GAB products at the time. It was my daily driver for over 10 years... I pro-rallyed it, auto-x'd and drove it to work!

Then started the "evolution". I eventually passed the "point of no return" and had to keep it off the street.......Competed full time in auto-x, (Solo 2) from 1997 to current.

Purchased the black '86 in 2002(?) It was raced as an ITA car in the 90's then parked from about 1997 until I purchased it. It was pretty rough. I HAD to have an '86 to drive again!! So I made it street legal, but retained the performance stuff. It has an HMR engine built by TRD/Watanabe brothers.. (Kind of a back room deal) TRD close ratio box and a lot of other trick stuff.


Whats the Corolla scene like where you live?

Most AE86's seem to be in the south bay area or near San Francisco area. There are a couple around here.

The winning combination of Durks driving and AE86 have resulted in many victories:

1987 S.C.C.A. Pro-Rally

1987 S.C.C.A. Pro-Rally Group 4 Stock Class winner, Sears Point Rally-Sprint

1997 S.C.C.A. C Street Prepared (CSP) Regional “Rookie” Champion

1998 S.C.C.A. C Street Prepared (CSP) Regional Champion

1999 S.C.C.A. C Street Prepared (CSP) Regional Champion

2000 S.C.C.A. F Street Prepared (FSP) Regional Champion

2000 S.C.C.A. F Street Prepared (FSP) Divisional Champion

2001 S.C.C.A. Street Mod (SM) Regional Champion

2002 S.C.C.A. 3rd place Street Mod (SM) Regional Champion

2003 S.C.C.A. 2nd place Street Mod (SM) Regional Champion

2007 S.C.C.A. X Prepared (XP) Regional Champion

Car specs:


Modified 4AGE engine with:

-AE92 crankshaft, polished and balanced
-AE101 rods, balanced
-Wiseco 11.5:1 pistons
-Big port head, polished
-TODA under bucket shim set-up
-Stainless steel valves
-HKS 272 cams
-HKS adjustable cam gears
-HKS flywheel
-HKS clutch
-HKS motor and transmission mounts
-TWM Throttle bodies
-Bosch 250 cc injectors
-Electromotive Tec 2 ignition
-TRD Header
-TRD 2 way LSD
-Custom exhaust
-Magnaflow muffler



-GAB 4-way adjustable race shocks (F)
-GAB 8-way adjustable race shocks (R)
-Ground Control front coil-over set up
-Eibach 500lb. front springs
-TRD 6.0KG rear springs
-TRD front sway bar
-TRD bushings
-T3 Camber Plates
-T3 adjustable rear 4-link set-up
-Adjustable rear lateral rod
-14 x 9 Watanabe wheels



All stock with:

-TRD N2 fenders and spoiler
-Carbon fiber hood
-JDM Zenkei front and rear bumpers
-ATL Fuel cell
-Autometer gauges
-TRD roll cage
-T3 short throw shifter
-MOMO steering wheel



I'm sure you can all agree that the evolution of this car has turned it into a serious weapon.. proof that a 25 year old chassis still has plenty of life left in it. Everyone at The Corolla Brotherhood wishes Durk the best of luck in his next season of competition!

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  1. Great Build! More info on that fuel cell please. Also what tires is he running?