15 August 2011

It's been a while...

Well, after my immense holiday to America, Fuck yeah. I'm back in the UK and back to posting on here! Whilst in the states I stumbled across SO many corollas, which was real cool. A handful of stock USDM 86's, a couple of KE70's (one of which being a cool estate wagon) and an amazing slammed to the floor 86 rocking SSR MkII's & III's.
Unfortunately, the only time I saw one when my Camera was around my neck was when this bone stock US spec 86 appeared in front of me. Obviously it was being used everyday and after 20+ years of driving up and down the steep hills of San Francisco it had taken it's toll!


Some more cool news I've got for you is that upon returning to work today, Brother Jay shown me the newest issue of Japanese Performance magazine to find a cool little feature called "Blog of the Month", and this being The Brotherhood! So a massive thanks to Jap performance for featuring the blog in their awesome Magazine, always great news to hear that people like what we are doing here at Brotherhood HQ and we really appreciate it! If you want to see the write up for yourselves head over to your local shop and pick up the September issue of Japanese Performance.
Here's the scan anyway so you can have a quick look!

Thanks again to Jap Performance mag and all the readers, much brotherly love!


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