21 September 2011

Jims Factory, The New place to get your CB stickers

The Corolla Brotherhood has teamed up with the Airbrush Masters at Jims Factory to bring you official Brotherhood stickers straight from their Online store, J-Fact!
Now available in both high quality White & Mirror Gold Vinyl in 295mm width. Drop by the J-Fact store now and also find more of their own Jims Factory brand items including T-Shirts, Hoodies and Stickers.

White sticker:

Mirror Gold Sticker:

Best quality vinyl, with the best logo;) Make sure you only buy the OFFICIAL corolla brotherhood sticker which are only available via the J-Fact store.
J-Fact x Corolla Brotherhood Sticker Shop HERE

The Corolla Brotherhood Family X Jims Factory

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  1. get buying people! support those that support you!