12 September 2011

Let's see your stickers! Oh and some new sticker news;)

The last batch of Corolla Brotherhood stickers ridiculously quick and we want to see what you guys did with them! We have set up a photo album over on our official Facebook Page so drop us an e-mail on corollabrotherhood@yahoo.com and we will upload your photo:)
Here's one submitted by Colin Mees showing his Limited run Gold CB sticker looking awesome on his spotless AE86 Trueno!


Whilst we are on the subject of stickers, The Corolla Brotherhood has teamed up with the true Airbrush Masters, "Jims Factory" to bring you all of the Brotherhood stickers in top quality Vinyl and all available through their easy to use Online store! They aren't quite on the store yet but we will keep you posted as soon as they are!
You thought the flat gold was cool in the last batch, well what would you think of SHINY GOLD! Straight up gangster we think:)

Stay Tuned!

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