4 October 2011

Feature - Al Ramiscal's Fresh Trueno Coupe

Geographically speaking, the eternally sunny Hawaii is near enough halfway around the world from our overcast, rainsoaked shores of the UK. Somehow we got screwed on both weather and for the most part, incredibly clean AE86's!

The Hawaii scene has some of the most dialled and clean Corolla's I've seen in a long time and Al's Coupe is no exception. He's gone for a slightly different Panda style to the usual black and white but in my opinion it works, the bronze lower sections matching the deep dish TE37v's nicely.

Als Coupe

I fired a couple of questions over to Brother Al to provide a bit of a back story to his car...


Al Ramiscal


28yrs old.. Birthday April 1,1983 (no joking for real its my bday!)


On the island of Oahu from the city of Waipahu.


What was your first memory of AE86's?

My first memory of the AE86 was a long time ago, all my uncles had 1972, '73 and '74 Corolla's or as we call it over here mango's and used to take me cruising around.

Back then they always asked me: "What kind of car do you want when you're old enough to drive?" I jokingly said Hachi cause it sounded like someone was sneezing! To which they used to reply: "That's right, Toyotas last forever!"

So when I was old enough to drive, my first Toyota was a 1987 Toyota Corolla FX-16 GTS. Next I had a '93 Corolla with a 20V... But after owning two fwd cars I told myself my next car better be rwd, either a MR2 or a Hachi, whichever I could find first. After a long search, a friend of mine found a decent SR5 coupe with a 3T motor, the same engine my uncle's had in their 70's Corollas!

I've owned five Hachi's and this one I have now is the lucky six that made it this far.. all the others got destroyed drifting and racing! This one I'll baby just a little but no promises! GET NUTS is what us SECTION-D guys are all about!


What you love most about them?

What I love most about the AE86's is that there such fun little cars to drive, I even prefer my Hachi over my dad's Mercedes ML450, my sister's Lexus IS250 and my own Lexus GS300! There's just nothing that can compare to the way an AE86 takes a corner slow or fast.

IMG_9895 Edited

When did you get your AE86?

Four years ago.. it almost turned into a sound off car! The guy didnt know what the car really was.

What's the Toyota scene like where you live?

Honestly, everyone here kind-of hides till there's an event or a gathering. Only a hand full of us drive our hachi's often. Other people come out once a month or so, but when we all get together its pretty big.

IMG_9900 Edited

PHOTO CREDITS: Jeff Seronios and Kristi Kawakami.

Car Specs:


1986 Toyota Corolla GTS (kouki)
Super clean full interior with Corbeau race bucket seat
Nardi steering wheel w/90mm spacer
Alpine IVA-D106 cd/dvd player
2 Panasonic 4 inch speakers up front only - just cause it's all about the car not the sound system!
Origin-lab front bumper
Origin-lab side skirts
Origin-lab rear bumper
Origin-lab hood
Origin-lab roof spoiler
TRD whale tale spoiler
Autocatch hood latches


Ksport control drift full coilovers 36way adjustable
T3 four link with T3 panhardbar
T3 front tension rods
T3 inner tie rods
T3 nrca's
Katsuhiro Ueo front tower brace
Katsuhiro Ueo rear trunk brace
Cusco b-pilar brace
stainless steel braided brakelines
G-force slotted and drilled rotors
Volk TE37v 15x9-15
Dunlop Derezza dz101 195/50/15
GREDDY TRUST DD exshaust with the Russell Ramboa special chopped it up and added 4inches
TRD exhaust manifold


TRD short shifter w/TRD shift knob
Exedy stage 2 clutch
Kamakaze cams: 304 intake and 298 exhaust
HKS cam gears
Cusco catch can
MSD ignition and spark plug wires
NGK iridium spark plugs
Injein short ram intake
GREDDY oil relocation kit
GREDDY oil cap

Al also asked if we could thank the following people:

Uncle Victor Dela Cruz
Uncle Alan Galario
Mona "Mommy" Galario (married to Alan)
Raymond Gambio
Philip Gambio
Russell "RAWSOUL" Ramboa
The 86 brothers Jon and Efferin Gulliermo
Jeff "photo man" Seronios
Pray for rain
Hachi outlaws
Munky Wurks Garage - Sean Igawa
The Corolla Brotherhood
Last but not least my family: Mom, Dad, my Sisters, their husbands and my beautiful girlfriend Kristi Kawakami.

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  1. what kind of roll cage do you have? any problem with them and the rear seats? very nice coupe man, keep it brah