6 June 2012

Guest Blog - Eighty Six Life - Colin Mees


I'm known to most as Mees. I am nearly 27 and drive a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno that rolled off the production line in May 1985 making it one month older than me. I have owned it for the past 6 years after seeing it for sale by the no longer trading Yokohama Racing. It was a pretty standard spec import: some lowered springs, an exhaust can, a bucket seat sitting on some 6j advans. But it was super clean and just what I was looking for.


I'd wanted one for a while, influenced by the good old days before YouTube, downloading small .wmv drift videos from the internet. Also seeing the growing UK 86 scene at the time, I was hooked. That tiny Corolla could do unimaginable things, I just had to have one.

The only history I know comes from the stickers and some of the paperwork. Seems it had something to do with Urata Racing and Rally Service in Japan. Perhaps a customer or employees car. I do like to continue that link through original and my own custom decals.


It has been a slow process getting it to where it is today, but it has taught me everything I know. Apart from the cosmetic stuff, the main push for a major overhaul comes when something breaks.


The smallest thing such as a destroyed wheel bearing on a trip to Japfest one year pushed me to go big on the suspension. At the time the best around that offered what I wanted was the Greddy Type-S coilovers. Combined with some Techno Toy Tuning parts completely transformed the car. And obviously it needed some nice shoes.


I'd always been a fan of the standard bumpers/splitter combo, it just had to be done. That carbon fibre splitter took over a year to get and I'm terrified I smash it off a speedbump. There is quite a bit of fibreglass on the car too: TRD spoiler, Goodline front wings, J-blood rear fins, EBN rear arches and the most recent acquisition: Paz's old Goodline bonnet from the legendary red Trueno.


I'm at a point where I don't need to do anything to it, which is a good feeling. It only has the standard 4age and I don't feel it needs any more. Not yet anyway. It has never let me down and pulls hard every time I need it to.


I see it expressed all the time, that after you drive one, there is nothing else like it. The fun and nostalgia, the capabilities of this wee car from the 80's is astounding. Toyota nailed it, and I look forward to many more years of continued amazement.


For more pictures/video please take a look at my media facebook page: www.facebook.com/meesmedias and give me a “like”. I thank you.


Spec List -

Amber fogs
CF front splitter
EBN rear rivet on arches
Goodline FRP vented bonnet
J-Blood FRP rear bumper fins
Goodline FRP front wings with vent
TRD spoiler
Raybrig headlights
Redline rear lights
Clear indicator lenses
Trueno wind deflectors

Tokyo subway ring
D1-Spec snap off boss
Defi Link display guage and tachometer with shift light connected to link-control unit
Drivers 4 point Sabelt harness
Drivers JDM Recliner bucket seat
JDM VIP Steering Wheel
Passenger TRD 4 point harness
TRD Gear knob
TRD Horn button
Apexi Induction Kit with custom pipes
DW Braided Oil Hoses
Mocal Thermostatic sandwich plate
GREDDY water temp sensor holder
Mocal oil cooler
SS Exhaust

Battle Version Steering Lock Kit #1
Front fender braces made by sweeps
Greddy Type S Coilovers
Prothane polybushes
Rear Strut brace
Front Strut brace
T3 Panhard rod
T3 RCA's
Drilled 88rotors Rear Discs
Project Mu Pads
SS Lines

14"x8j -12 SSR Mesh on the front
14"x8.5j -0 Image RM1 with gold centres on the rear
185/55 tyres

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  1. I appreciate how you give importance to this Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno of yours, It looks good despite of its age. The exterior seem look so tough and hard to break. This kind of car seems last longer.