15 August 2012

AE86 Track Attack! at Mondello Circuit

A week before the Irish AE86 event, I was still unsure if I would be going.. the timeframe was tight, the flights were getting more expensive and I was experiencing a serious lack of motivation towards cars.

Looking back on it now, I'm so glad I bit the bullet and went out. Even though I was only there for a little over 36 hours, I was blown away. The generosity and welcome extended to me by everyone I met in the Irish AE86 community was truly humbling. It reminded me of the strong bond that seems to form between Corolla owners which I've seldom seen in other motoring circles and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Catching a 3pm flight from Bristol airport, Dublin was only 50 minutes away. Before I'd even had chance to get my iPod out to listen to some tunes, it was time to put it back again!

My hosts for this trip were Kevin and Killian, or as most people know them "Team Tekno." They were great hosts, driving me back and forth, putting me up for the night and even throwing in a spot of karting!

Selection of wheels for the event...

Time to get cracking

Mid gearbox oil change

Kev's Trueno sitting pretty

The car they were due to drive at the event hadn't been driven in a year.. nothing like leaving things to the last minute! They worked till late in the night and after a 1am Chinese we got a few short hours rest. Morning came far too soon but everyone was eager to get going. We grabbed the van and trailer then after a quick pistop for a breakfast roll and to wash the car down, headed out to Mondello.

Heading up to the yard to collect the van and track car at early o'clock

Now I'd never seen something on this scale purely dedicated to AE86's before so I was near giddy with excitement when we pulled into the track paddock and saw all the cars!

A small selection of the cars in attendance on the day.

Last minute window fitting

Works Meisters work so well on AE86's..

Amanda's wee Starlet was out during the grip sessions chasing the bigger 86's

Kick ass Mk2 Escort ran in both grip and drift sessions

Clocko's awesome KE70 estate.. more on this one soon!

One of the louder cars out on track that day, but when it sounded so good, who was to argue?

For sale... 

Got a lot of love for the old Escorts, especially as clean as this one!

DMac made an appearance at the event.. however he spent most of the time in the garage, the car was sadly only out for a few laps. Mechanical gremlins?

While I'm quite a purist when it comes to AE86's.. there's no denying this car has presence!

Some of the cars lining up for the drift session

Insanely clean GZE'd Levin

The rally car on the left was deadly fast during the grip sessions

Getting ready to rumble

MaryAnn's ridiculously clean UK spec Silver over Grey coupe won best UK coupe on the day..

For good reason! If I was to buy a UK spec car.. I'd have it looking like this!
Baby got back...

The sticker on the rear hatch says it all...

I believe this was only packing a 4k but was doing well in the grip sessions! 

Serious driving calls for serious driving gloves..

This was one of my favourite cars on the day.. N2 kitted Levin Coupe running a 20V Blacktop lump.

The drivers out on track weren't holding back at all, and a true testament to driving at 110%, making the most of the low powered cars.

Before I knew it, the event had come to an end.. but not before getting all the cars to line up down the pit lane and then a big group shot! After dropping the track car back it was time to head to the airport. A late night of preparation ensued, to do it all again the next day for The Retro Toyota Gathering at Ace Cafe... of which photos will follow soon.

Once again, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone I met and apologies to those I didn't have the chance to meet on Friday. I'll be back soon, but with my own car!

PS - There will be more photos uploaded to our Facebook page shortly!


  1. Looks awesome Chay. Defo need to get over there for a rip!

  2. Graet feature dude lookin forward to u comin over again hopefully with your car next time...Epic shots btw!

  3. Well done, Chay, looks like a day to remember!


  4. I purchased a used 2010 Corolla S back in February with only 26,000 miles and have only put on about 4,000 so far. I have a short commute (about 15 minutes) to my job and most of my travel is city. MPG is good -- around 26 mpg average overall -- and I only have to fill up the tank twice a month. Handling and acceleration is average (no 5 speed auto), but its more of a get you from a to z car. It's a fun and comfortable car to drive when you get the full package (moon roof, etc) and affordable.