20 August 2012

Feature Time! - John Cloko's KE70 Estate

Of all the cars that attended, one car that stood out for me at the AE86 event at Mondello was this KE estate, owned by John Cloko.

Now John is one of the more well known AE86 breakers in Ireland, if you need a part, odds are he has it!
Thankfully he saved this KE from the parts pile and he hasn't had to do much other than give it a proper polish and change the wheels and fit a new exhaust.

The flared arches just cover the stretched rubber fitted to the deep dish wheels

Duckbill spoiler'd front gives the car a very aggressive look

John swapped the wheels over to some SSR Mesh and RS Watanabes while the originals are being tidied up

Omori rev counter..

and oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature keep the interior period correct

The car has full AE86 drive train.. even down to working power steering and air conditioning!
A lightened flywheel and boot mounted fuel cell round off the modifications to the drivetrain

Large bore exhaust and train grabhandle finish off the boxy rear end perfectly

Suspension wise the car is running coilovers with Tein topmounts and lowering blocks for the leaf springs and TRD shocks to give it the lowered stance

We often forget how small these cars are in comparison to modern day cars.. the van just off to the left towers over the diminuative KE. Cars nowadays are getting too bulky and bloated and its refreshing to see someone keeping the old school alive!

Thanks to John for the info.


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