3 September 2012

Coming soon... Japanese Performance Car Magazine feature!

So a few months ago at Japfest I had a business card left on my car by Dan Sherwood, editor of Japanese Performance Car Magazine and to be honest, I didn't give it much thought. In my eyes, my car is a bit rough round the edges, quite a few imperfections in the self done paintjob and no where near the standard of most cars I see in magazines. I've never had the car with the intention of getting any public exposure, I own it to drive it (hell, if it gets washed once a year thats doing well!) but Dan must have thought differently and after a few conversations with Daniel Bridle (a 'tog buddy of mine) Daniel mentioned they wanted to feature my car!

I'm extremely humbled by this and am genuinely shocked that they would deem it worthy of a feature. Fast forward a few weeks and Daniel came down to Swindon for the day to take photos and write the feature which will be in the next issue of the magazine. He also made this quick video as a sneak peak.

Thanks again to Dan and Daniel for this, looking forward to the issue!


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