28 November 2012

Steve's AE86...

So for those of you in the Corolla scene that have been living under a rock... Miguel from NewEra imports sold his personal car to someone in the UK a couple months ago. I was lucky enough to take Steve down to pick up his new ride and was even given the chance to drive it briefly.

This video was done by a close friend of Steve's and sent to us recently. Make sure you turn the volume way way up!

PS... you'll spot mine and Sam's cars too at certain points ;)



  1. dope 86 but definitely needs better gearing for that hill haha but really nice

  2. Definately a lack of driver (me) skill, had only had the car a few weeks and not really driven it prior to the Hill Climb and didn't want to bin it.

    Looking forward to some track time in teh spring to imrove on skill levels!