3 January 2013

Hector's Limited

Happy new year everyone! Tonight I bring you the story of Hector Vargas, and his almost perfect -in the broad sense of the word- Black Limited replica.

Hector lives in Puerto Rico, and used to own a red AE-85 coupe. However, the USDM single cam 4AC was never enough for him, despite having regular selling offers on the car. He craved for a 4AG Twincam.

When a friend at work told him about a black GT-S that went up for sale, Hector moved fast and was lucky enough to get it for the same price as he sold the 85.

His plan was to convert the GT-S to a Black Limited version. He got the help of his friends and fellow Corolla owners Kelvin Colo and Angel Rodriguez in both the restoration process and the ever so elusive task of finding the rare Black Limited trims for sale in Japan.

And THAT is what makes this project so interesting in my opinion. It is almost an archaeological endeavour to find all the parts that make the special edition trim. And Hector, like a Pokemon trainer: Has got them all!

From the steering wheel, to the shift knob, digi-dash, power windows, interior, stickers and logos, you name it, it's all there, and it's all original parts from Japan. The cherry on top of the cake has got to be the brand new Watanabe RS.

With our Corollas enjoying the Classic car status now, and the models increasing popularity, this will certainly be a little treasure to keep for the next decades, regardless of not being an original Black Limited, and being LHD; it surely deserves its spotlight as a beautiful replica with much attention to detail.

And the daily driver wet dream of many...


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