8 March 2013

Japfest @ Castle Combe, 11/3/13

So as with the last few years.... the guys over at CorollaClubUK and YarisClubUK have been working very hard to get a clubstand for Japfest and once again they have offered to share their space with some classic Toyotas from The Corolla Brotherhood!

The difference this year compared to the last few years is that you buy a pass for your car, not per person. So if your car seats 4 and you're bringing 4 people in, you still only pay £20.00.

The closure date to buy your ticket is the 15th of March, no late payment will be accepted, sorry guys. Its not me handling the process so don't send me messages after the deadline asking if its too late.. because yes, it will be.

And to answer some questions because people don't take the time to read anything:

WHO: CorollaClubUK and YarisClubUK
WHAT: Hosting a clubstand and have allowed us to join them on it!
WHEN: 11 May 2013
WHERE: Castle Combe Circuit
WHY: Because its the biggest Japanese car event in the UK!

Please note: OLD TOYOTAS ONLY... Its a Toyota Clubstand and Corolla Brotherhood mainly revolves around old Toyotas.. so its pretty obvious, but thought I'd just make it clear.

Buy your ticket here : CLICKY
More information about the event can be found here: Japfest Homepage

Thanks and hope to see some of you guys there!


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