26 May 2013

AE86 Track Attack! 2013 ...

So another post thats a few months late... at least im consistent, right? Long hours at work and the final push to get my car roadworthy are to blame. But f*ckit, late photos are better than no photos right? 

After having such an awesome time last year out at Mondello, it was decided to make the trip again this year, only doing it for the day this time. Queue Brother Ad and myself getting up at 4am to get a 6:30am flight to Dublin Airport.. getting a Renault Scenic as a hire car (big pimpin!) then heading over to see the Tekno boys again to follow them up to the event. Sadly my 28-300mm lens broke so I didn't get many photos of the track action going on but I tried to make up for this with shots from the paddock area.

This year Kevin and Killian's track car would take a back seat...

As Killians 20v Levin was back on the road!

Killian had run the car in over the last few nights, buzzing up and down the motorway to put the miles on it ready for the trackday!

Kevin's Trueno was ready for action as well...

First stop was the local carwash for a quick wash and to brim the cars fuel tank's.

Upon arrival at the track, the noise of 4AGE's was already cascading off the paddock building and surrounding structures.. unfortunately this is the only photo I got on track that day before my lens packed up...

So back to the paddock! Wheel swap and quick check over before heading out..

The contrast on the day was huge with everything from this, which looked like it had been pulled from a lake..

.. to cars which looked like they had come straight from a local drift comp in Japan.

Team Tekno giving the one-fingered salute before heading out on track.


This KE70 was spotless.. a credit to the owner and the hard work put into it.

I have a strong desire for a coupe... ideally a Trueno one. but this black one and the red one below it were on point. Perfect execution.

A NEW CHALLENGER EMERGES! EK9's are awesome cars.

Not a common colour choice but it works

Amanda's Starlet was one of the trio parked together on the day. Like a pack of skittles, all we needed was a red one!

Adrian Walsh's car has come a long way since it was a Shino Kouba car in Japan. Now that Adrian has decent sponsorship lined up, expect him to be out a lot more!

Towards the end of the day the crowds slowly started heading home, but I managed to snag this shot from the 2nd floor of the paddock building..

And to end off the post, a few shots of (one of!) Patrick Murray's AE86's... this one is his track hack powered by a SR20 which he's using to compete in the Irish Drift Championship this year.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the photos.. I urge anyone based in the UK to head out to the event next year! We only went out for the day and with car rental and flight it genuinely wasn't so expensive. I for one, will definitely be there next year!



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