28 June 2013

Carry on my wayward son.... The N2 is up for sale.

So it is with a heavy heart that I do this… but I think the time is right for a change.
I have loved every single moment of owning this car, without sounding overly melodramatic it has well and truly become a massive part of my life.

This is not a normal for sale advert because its not a normal car for sale. It’s more akin to a best friend than car.

I’ve poured blood, sweat and even man tears into this car and it has taken me to loads of places and I’ve made lifelong friends through its ownership. Along with owning the car I also run a worldwide Corolla enthusiast website and facebook page (www.corollabrotherhood.com and www.facebook.com/corollabrotherhood)

The reason for the sale is because I’m looking to downscale to one car instead of a daily and a weekend car. This has not been an easy decision and its one that I’ve mulled over close to a year.

So firstly, a bit of a history on the car itself. I feel its important to add this, but if you have the attention span of a small child who’s ingested a whole bag of Skittles.. skip to the end.

Originally built by a small tuning company in Japan based outside Tokyo called Garage Shapple http://www.shapple.co.jp/
Some photos and information on the car can be seen here: http://www.shapple.co.jp/CARSALE_51.htm

The car was also featured in 86 Super Tuning Magazine Volume 3 in Japan

Following this, the car was imported by a good friend of mine, James, in early 2006 into the UK.

The car needed a new sill due to rust, which was replaced with a genuine Toyota repair item in late 2006. The engine which came in the car also proved to be a bit of a nightmare with reliability so James fitted a stock 4age and ECU.

Fast forward a few years and the car was midway through a respray when James had to sell to fund a house purchase. Conveniently I had not long sold my Levin and was after a more track focused 86.

So I bought the car.. and pretty much drove it in the same state for over a year, few track events and just carrying out any maintenance required.

Then decided the car needed painting and for some unknown reason elected to do it myself. It took ages, its not perfect, im not going to lie. But with a decent cut and polish on the paint it would come out way better.

And then proceeded to drive it… a lot. I’m not the type to wash and polish my cars.. I drive them. After all, that’s why they have an engine!

The car has provided me with some amazing oppourtunities over the last few years. I’ve met some amazing people and the car has been featured on various websites, most notably Speedhunters on numerous occasions. The highlight having the car picked as one of the first #FEATURETHIS cars from which it received this feature:

Also had a feature in Japanese Performance Car Magazine last year.

It was also snapped at Japfest 2011, 2012 and was on the Speedhunters Stand at Japfest 2013 as well as Players Classic at Goodwood Circuit recently.

So onto the actual spec of the car.

Martelius R1 Ultimate Manifold, TRD radiator cap, electric fan to thermostatic switch, aluminium pulleys, cone Intake filter, uprated plug leads, custom manifold back exhaust (sub 96dB for trackdays), Odyssey drycell battery

 N2 wheel arch flares, N2 front lip spoiler, GoodLine rear hatch with moulded in wing, GoodLine fibreglass ducted bonnet, bonnet raised at the back edge to aid static cooling, later spec front and rear bumper, fuel tank filler relocated to the boot

SSR Reverse Mesh split rims refurbished (spotless!) with gloss black powdercoated
barrels and satin black centres, stainless hardware, 15×8.5 – 21offset front, 15×9 – 27 offset rear, Kuhmo Ecsta 205/50/15 with less than 2k miles on them.

Suspension & Chassis
Front Revolver Coilovers, Garage Shapple front triangle strut brace, Cusco adjustable Top mounts, Negative Roll centre adjusters, TRD 8 way adjustable “blue” shocks – rear, TRD springs – rear, Cusco rear strut tower brace, completely polybushed, refurbished Non P/S Rack with Quaife internals and Ueo style inner tie rods (2.5 turns lock to lock). Plywood lower splitter (if its good enough for race teams...)

Standard AE86 calipers front and rear, New Mintex pads (sub 300 miles) with ATE Superblue fluid, Goodridge braided brake lines

Safety 21 roll cage, spreader plates located at mounting points, completely stripped of carpet, headliner, sound deadening, sprayed statin black, adjustable side mount seat rails, T3 3 inch wheel spacer, Sabelt 4 point harnesses

TRD 2 way LSD, 4.7 final ratio from Weir Performance, rebuilt with new bearings and seals less than 1k miles ago.

If you know your Corolla’s.. you’ll know that items such as the Goodline bonnet and bootlid are nigh on impossible to get hold of in the UK and the wheels are even more rare in these sizes.

You’ll also note that the seats, gearknob and steering wheel in the photos will not be included in the sale. I will be replacing these or will considering reducing the price in consideration of this.

Car will have at least 11 Months MOT on it and around 4-5 months road tax.

Negative points: This car is nigh on rust free, bar a 1 inch section where the drivers floormat is and some surface rust in the spare wheel well. The chassis rails have been crushed (suspect this is from being picked up with a forklift in Japan, a common occurrence)
Its loud inside – the interior is sparse. No carpet, no radio, no plastics, no rear seats ect.
The car has some road rash and as mentioned, the paint isn’t perfect by a long shot but would buff up very well.

So the bit that you’ve been waiting for… the price. This is set at £7500.00. Yes this is a lot for a car that’s 30 years old. But this is not just any car that’s 30 years old. Taking into consideration the condition of the car, the rarity and the parts fitted I feel this price is justified. I’m not opening this to a debate. If you feel this car is overpriced.. go buy a cheaper car. If however, you wish to have a proper conversation as adults discussing the price, we can do so over private messaging or a phonecall.


Stupid offers will get stupid answers.

Will you sell me the (insert part here) separately? NO.

Is it a Delorean? NO

Will this be faster than my mates (insert car which is more likely than not faster here) ? NO

Will it be more fun? YES

Will you take £4000? Depends how hot your sister is and if she is offered in p/x

Can I take it for a test drive? Only if I have £7500 in my hand and the agreement that I can sell your organs on the black market if you so much as scratch it before signing the V5.

Thanks guys... 

PS - This doesn't mean I'm giving up on the blog, not by a long shot! 

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