27 October 2013


    With a few months delay... here is a selection of pictures taken during the Porto Historic Grand Prix.

    Team Caetano Racing KP61

    Kremer Porsche

    Formula 3

   Pedro Alves, TCR driver and national celebrity, part of a very famous portuguese comedy duo and big          Toyota collector, from AE86s to TA22s, he's had them all!

    The Starlet's interior. Been trying to photograph this car in detail for ages, but it seems to be very elusive.
    Last time I visited TCR the little 3K engine was going through some extensive work.

    Track map
I can't end this feature without apologizing to all the Corolla Brotherhood followers for the lack of updates recently, between working on our cars and juggling our day to day lives, there's is few little time to dedicate to the blog. As you may have noticed our image suffered a revamp and we hope to focus a bit more updating the blog with what went down in the summer, now that the rainy days are here. Stay tuned y'all!
    Jonny Fraga

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