23 February 2014

The eagle has landed..

After all that wait, the car has arrived!

It's cleaner than I could have imagined, with only a tiny rust scab on the sunroof skin. Won't be able to drive it for a little while yet. Need to get it MOT'd, registered, tax and insured which isn't cheap. Also needs four new tyres.

But I'm happy! The amount of service history that came with the car was also staggering. I'll get a few photos of it and post them up soon.

Gave the car a quick wash in the freezing cold wind but plan on giving it a proper clean if we get a warm day soon.

I am now at the point where I'm unsure as to whether I want to fit the wheels I've ordered (14x8.5 -13 and 14x9 -19 Watanabes) as it would mean flaring the arches which are really clean. I've paid for the wheels and the arduous 3 1/2 month wait for them to ship is nearly over. Most people would shudder at the thought of doing that to a tidy car but at the end of the day, I intend to keep the car for a long time and I'll be doing some modifications to enhance the drivability and looks. Decisions, decisions....

AE86 Arrival 001

AE86 Arrival 002

AE86 Arrival 003

AE86 Arrival 004

AE86 Arrival 005

AE86 Arrival 006

AE86 Arrival 007

AE86 Arrival 008

AE86 Arrival 009

AE86 Arrival 010

AE86 Arrival 011

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