20 April 2014

Spot Check: Soul RC

A few weeks ago I found myself in Northampton for work and never having been to the area much before other than passing through to head to Santa Pod, I was at a loose end for plans in the evenings. After a post on Facebook, I was made aware that Soul RC were within ten minutes of my hotel!

Pulling up to the shop in a quiet industrial estate, I was quite excited. I've only seen limited coverage of RC drifting on some of the bigger international websites so was keen to see what the UK could bring to the table. And I can confirm, it has been brought!


I've not really been too clued up on the RC car scene for a long time but after visit to see James and Mitto in their new business venture, I was blown away.

Walking through the door you're firstly greeted with a view of the huge indoor circuit, which changes every so often to keep things interesting. When I arrived Mitto was in the middle of changing the layout, all the scenery is added once the layout is finalised.


The level of detail on the circuit is great, with scale obstacles which wouldn't be out of place out on a real touge.


The shop section contained every conceivable part you could need or desire. Most of the products are scale'd down versions of real wheels and kits, with the level of detail you could achieve being mind-blowing.


The cars themselves are adjustable in every way a real car would be too. Camber, castor, anti-roll bars, differentials ect. This is an ideal medium to get involved in, in order to understand the effects that changes do to a cars chassis and handling.



Mitto's personal car has been well used and would be right at home out on the streets late at night.


This one of James' car he's currently building up, a Levin coupe with N2 arches. Let's hope he paints it in period TRD colours too.



James and Mitto have worked really hard and it shows. Even though I visited on an evening they were closed, the whole place had a really great atmosphere and I can see Soul RC going from strength to strength and I left wanting to buy my own kit.

I was so impressed that this may well be the location for this years Annual Gathering.. but more on that soon ;)

If you are ever passing through Northampton be sure to stop by to support Soul RC and also check out their slick website: SOUL RC Homepage

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